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Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Erie) said the contention being spread that Americans' health care plans will cease after President-elect Trump's inauguration is another Democratic misstatement.

"The idea that the rug is going to be pulled out from under you is another one of those whoppers," he said.

Kelly said such an idea is akin to President Obama's statement in which he promised "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" when he passed the Affordable Care Act.

"When you lie to people, you break that trust," he said.

Kelly and his colleagues on the Ways and Means Committee have had a new healthcare plan called "The Better Way", designed to replace ObamaCare, for some time, he said.

"It has to be affordable and accessible and it has to be sustainable. The competition is what drives a better product in the lower price and makes it better for the American people," Kelly said of any ObamaCare replacement.

He added that "nothing is more un-American" than ObamaCare's Cadillac Tax, an excise tax on premium health plans funded by employers.

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