Jesse Watters caught up with a liberal attorney who, along with his college professor husband, harassed Ivanka Trump and her children last month on a flight on the JFK International Airport tarmac.

On December 22, Professor Matthew Lasner, of Hunter College in Manhattan, filmed the incident while husband Daniel Goldstein began shouting at Trump:

"Your father is ruining our country.

You should be flying private.

Now you are ruining our flight."

A now-deleted Tweet from Lasner recounted Goldstein allegedly "chasing down to harass" Trump in Terminal 5 of the Queens, N.Y. airport, before they boarded their flight.

JetBlue airlines kicked the men off the flight.



Watters questioned Goldstein on a New York City street:


While they walked, Goldstein held his jacket hood shut and refused to acknowledge Watters.


Watters also asked students at Hunter College about the incident, as well as a petition being circulated to terminate Lasner:


"Do you think the school president is going to abide by this petition?"



"Bernie & Sid" host Bernard McGuirk later reacted to Watters' encounter with Goldstein, calling the lawyer a "spineless, sore-loser crybully."

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