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Saturday on Fox & Friends, Mike Huckabee said that Democrats must stop making excuses for Hillary Clinton's loss to President-elect Donald Trump.

Reacting to the US intelligence community's assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign against the US election in 2016 to undermine the electability of Hillary Clinton, Huckabee said it was Clinton, not Putin who was to blame for her loss.

Clinton lost because she lacked a cogent message, insulted voters by calling them "deplorable", and didn't campaign in key states in the center of the country, Huckabee said.

"The American people aren't stupid... the electoral system worked," he said.

"Get over it, snowflakes, your snow has melted," he said of Democrats who have continued to object to Trump's victory, by blaming Putin among other avenues.

However, Huckabee said the US should continue to fight cyber attacks from other countries, and build a "wall" at the "cyber border", just as Trump has pledged a physical wall at the Mexican border.

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