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Earlier this week, California Congressman Duncan Hunter (R) unilaterally removed a painting from a Capitol Hill pedestrian tunnel, which depicted police officers as swine.

David Pulphus painted the picture and won an art contest as a St. Louis high school senior last year that was sponsored by Rep. W. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.).

To commemorate Pulphus' win, Clay approved the painting for display in a passageway that connects House office buildings with the Capitol.

"We have school kids and they should not being seeing policemen portrayed as pigs. In their entire lives, [Capitol Hill] is not the right place for it," Hunter told Fox & Friends.

Hunter said some policemen were remarking how offensive the painting was as he walked to a healthcare meeting:

"I just decided enough is enough," he said, recounting how he unscrewed the painting and delivered it back to Clay's office, which is near his own.

Hunter told Clay the painting was offending a lot of people and suggested he keep it in his office instead.

He said that since he took action, numerous police groups have thanked him for taking the painting down.

Hunter said he is friends with Clay and that the gesture was not personal.

Joe Kasper, Hunter's chief of staff, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that if Clay returns the painting to the hallway, he will not remove it a second time.

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