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Tonight, Tucker Carlson faced off with liberal radio host Richard Fowler over the media's reaction to a disturbing Facebook Live video that showed four black people torturing a mentally disabled white man.

Carlson said that the press is quick to jump on a horrific, racially-motivated crime like the South Carolina church shooting, but they downplay crimes like this that don't fit their typical narrative of what a "hate crime" is.

He noted that many initial reports left out the fact that the suspects yelled "F*** Donald Trump" and "F*** white people" during the assault.

Fowler argued that the "hate crime" determination should be made by prosecutors, not journalists, and that's why the four suspects in this case are facing hate crime charges.

Carlson said that may be true, but the media is still failing in its responsibility to report the story fairly and accurately.

"What's at stake, as you know, is victim status, and the idea that a Trump supporter might be the victim of a crime based on his political belief," Carlson said. "Nobody wants to give up victim status here."

"Just apply the same standard to all crimes."

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