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A Massachusetts sheriff has offered his county's inmates to help President-elect Donald Trump build a potential border wall with Mexico.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson announced his proposal right after he was sworn in for his fourth term as county sheriff.

He joined "Fox & Friends" Friday morning to discuss the reasoning behind this proposal.

"Sheriffs across this country do work programs in their communities to help build infrastructure and support not-for-profit agencies and government agencies," he said. "So this saves taxpayer money, and it gives inmates a chance to get out and learn a skill and get jump started into working and getting reintegrated into the community without committing more crimes."

Hodgson said he has not spoken to Trump directly, but the offer has been sent along to Trump's team. He also did not address who would pay to transport, house and secure Bristol County's inmates as they worked on a potential wall.

The American Civil Liberties Union has stated that having inmates build the wall would be "unconstitutional."

As for the wall itself, the Trump transition team is now said to be seeking appropriations from Congress up front and then having Mexico pay for the wall later, as was Trump's position during his campaign.

Tell us your thoughts on this Massachusetts sheriff's proposal.

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