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U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall (KS) joined "Fox & Friends" Thursday to discuss his son Cal's "dab" dance move during his official swearing-in photo with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Cal Marshall's dab has taken the internet by storm, though he has since been grounded, according to his father.

"He (Cal) ends up with the Bible in his hand and we're getting ready for the pose, and I look beside him and he's got his hand up here. The speaker and I look at him...I thought he was going to sneeze. I had no idea what he was doing and still didn't figure it out until an hour or two later what had happened," Rep. Marshall said.

Marshall said his son plays football in high school and after each game, the team gets together to do the dab.

"I didn't know it had a name or that it was official. I thought it was a superhero pose," said Marshall, who added it was likely a group of Cal's teammates that dared him to dab.

The hashtag #FreeCal has emerged on social media to have his father reduce his punishment.

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