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Former CIA Director James Woolsey appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight to address a Washington Post report that claimed he has resigned from President-elect Donald Trump's transition team.

Woolsey, a veteran of four presidential administrations, explained that he worked as a senior advisor to the Trump campaign during the election, but he was never actually an advisor to the transition.

He said he felt it was important to clarify that, since he was still being referred to as "senior advisor to the Trump transition" when he made public or television appearances.

Megyn Kelly pointed out the Washington Post reported that Woolsey stepped away due to growing tensions over Trump’s vision for intelligence agencies and the fact that he had been excluded from discussions on intelligence matters.

Woolsey acknowledged he was not called upon to attend meetings or participate in discussions in recent weeks, but he would not confirm that he took issue with Trump's reported plan of revamping the country’s intelligence framework

"I think it's important to realize that there [is] more than one way to reform intelligence," Woolsey said, adding that he disagrees with many recent bureaucratic, post-9/11 intelligence reforms.

As for if he would support Trump's plan for U.S. intelligence agencies, Woolsey said that would "depend where it goes."

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