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A North Carolina school police officer was placed on administrative leave after a video showed him slamming a female student to the ground. 

The incident reportedly started as a fight between a few girls Tuesday in the Rolesville High School cafeteria. 

Jasmine Darwin, 15, was the girl who was slammed to the ground by resource officer Ruben De Los Santos. Witnesses said she was trying to break up the fight, which involved her sister. 

Darwin's mother said her daughter suffered a concussion when she was slammed to the floor and that the teen will be removed from school. Darwin said the slam to the head knocked her out briefly. 

Local police and the State Bureau of Investigations are looking into the use of force. 

De Los Santos has been assigned to the school since it opened in 2013. A female student who recorded the incident told a local station she didn't believe De Los Santos intended to hurt Darwin. 

"He's one of the kindest officers I've ever come across," said Aisha Nasser.

"Seeing the whole situation first hand it was out of control and he was just trying to gain control of the situation and I know it wasn't his intention to hurt that girl."

Watch the report above from Trace Gallagher and read more here.

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