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The parents of twin boys who went viral for a video showing one brother saving the other from underneath a fallen dresser joined Jenna Lee this morning.

The two-year-olds from Utah were climbing on the opened drawers of the dresser in their room when it tipped over onto Brock. His brother, Bowdy, was able to move it just enough for Brock to wriggle free.

Amazingly, Brock suffered no serious injuries. 

The boys' mother, Kayli Shoff, said she didn't know the dresser had fallen until she checked the monitor. She ran into the boys' room, only to discover that they were quietly playing, unharmed after the dresser fell.

"It was terrifying and heartbreaking and a little embarrassing at first," Kayli said. "Honestly I don't watch that much because it hurts and it makes me sad."

The boys' parents decided to share the video on YouTube to show other parents that something similar could happen in their homes, in addition to celebrating this "miracle."

"More importantly it was just to get the word out to parents," the boys' father, Ricky Shoff, said.

Kayli said the dresser has since been bolted to the wall, the handles of the drawers have been removed and the bottom two drawers have been latched so the boys cannot climb on them.

Watch Lee's full segment above.

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