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A group of Mississippi teenagers got together to give a Navy veteran a proper send-off.

Jerry Wayne Pino died Dec. 12 at the age of 70, and his body lay in the funeral home for weeks since he had no family members or friends to claim the body.

As a result, six teens from Long Beach High School served as pallbearers for Pino's funeral service.

Pino, who served in Vietnam, pre-arranged his service at Biloxi National Cemetery, but there were no arrangements for pallbearers, according to the Sun Herald.

Cathy Warden and Eva Boomer, employees at Riemann Family Funeral Homes, discussed having Warden's son Bryce gather some high school students to serve as pallbearers.

Though Bryce was out of town for Christmas break, he sent text messages to classmates, and within minutes, six young men answered the call to serve: JT Tripp, Bailey Griffin, Joseph Ebberman, Jake Strong, Kenny McNutt and James Kneiss.

"It doesn't cost anything to take some time to do something like this," Warden said. "If our young people can figure this out, our country is going in the right direction."

Tell us your thoughts on these young men's actions.

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