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It was totally worth it!

The 17-year-old son of freshman Republican congressman Roger Marshall (KS) made quite the impression on Capitol Hill yesterday. 

Dressed as presidential debate attendee/viral sensation Ken Bone, Cal Marshall "dabbed" during his father's official swearing-in photo with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Ryan didn't know what to make of it...

"Are you all right?" Ryan asked Marshall's son, who was tasked with holding the Bible for his father.

"I'm all right," answered the grinning teen.

"Can you put your hand down?" Ryan said. "Are you gonna sneeze?"

Ryan appeared confused by the dance move and later tweeted that he still doesn't "get what dabbing is, though."

The dab, said to have originated in the Atlanta hip-hop dance scene, was popularized by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton as a celebration for scoring a touchdown.

Marshall was sure to notify Ryan that his son has been punished for his antics.

Share your thoughts with us on the timing of this teen's dance moves.

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