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A "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star is defending her decision to use a handgun to chase away two men and a woman who trespassed onto her Atlanta-area property. 

Kenya Moore, who stars on the Bravo reality show, ran out of her home Friday with the weapon after spotting the suspicious individuals on her home security cameras. 

Moore said the female trespasser was recording with her phone. The three drove off in a white car after seeing Moore with the firearm. 

She took to Instagram shortly after the altercation, stating that the men and woman hopped over a fence when they were unable to get through her property's security gate. 

Moore offered $1,000 for information on the trespassers. 

Andy Cohen asked Moore about the incident Tuesday night on Bravo. Moore said she is a licensed gun owner in Georgia and owns several firearms.

"Was that gun loaded?" Cohen asked. 

"Absolutely!" she answered. 

Cohen asked whether Moore views her actions as justified. 

"Listen ... I have a gated property. They went around my gate. They went and trespassed. They did so many things that were asking for it, not only to be shot but an ass whoopin'. They're just lucky they didn't get both. So you come to my property, I have the right to defend myself," she said. 

Watch the interview clip above. 

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