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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange insists that Russia was not his source for hacked election-related emails, but CIA Director John Brennan isn't so sure.

During a PBS NewsHour interview, Brennan said that those who doubt the connection between Russia and the hacking of Democratic Party email accounts should withhold judgment until they read the forthcoming intelligence report.

He also said that Assange is "not exactly a bastion of truth and integrity.”

"I wouldn’t ascribe to any of these individuals who are making comments that it is providing the whole, unvarnished truth," Brennan said. "This report is going to include what it is that we know about what happened, what was collected, what was disclosed, and what the purpose and intent of that effort was."

On "Special Report" tonight, Catherine Herridge reported that Brennan refused to get into the details of the report, but he did say that it focuses on what Russia specifically did during the election process.

"Tonight, Fox News is told the classified report is virtually complete, and President Obama could be briefed as early as tomorrow," Herridge said.

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