A pitbull was euthanized after a harrowing attack that began when the owner attempted to dress the animal in a sweater.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the pitbull mix - named Scarface - snapped Friday when 52-year-old Brenda Guerrero tried to place the sweater on him.

Her husband, 46-year-old Ismael Guerrero, was also attacked as he tried to pull the dog off of his wife. A third man, 22, was attacked as he stabbed the dog in the head and neck in a frantic attempt to stop the animal. 

Police responded to the scene and Hillsborough County Animal Control officers used a tranquilizer gun and a catchpole to subdue the dog. 

Brenda Guerrero's injuries were reported to be serious, but not life-threatening. 

Officials said Scarface was euthanized because he was determined to pose a danger to the public and because of the serious stab wounds.

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