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On Tuesday, President-elect Donald Trump issued a threat to General Motors: Build the Chevrolet Cruze in the U.S. or face a heavy tax.

"General Motors is sending Mexican made model of Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers-tax free across border," Trump tweeted. "Make in U.S.A. or pay big border tax!"

GM, in a statement, said that it makes the sedan model of the Cruze at its plant in Lordstown, Ohio, and the hatchback model in Mexico.

"GM builds the Chevrolet Cruze hatchback for global markets in Mexico, with a small number sold in the U.S.," the company said.

On "America's Newsroom" today, Melissa Francis said that the actual number of Cruzes imported from Mexico is not important, because Trump is using this as an opportunity to send a strong message to GM and other companies. 

"This tweet says, 'Here is what I care about. CEOs take note: This is what matters to me. And I'm going to be bugging you on this. And you better check yourself before you wreck yourself,'" Francis said.

She added that the president-elect is making it clear to companies that it's a new ballgame on day one of his presidency.

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