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There was more action in the rafters than on the field at Sunday's game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Two climbers were arrested for rappelling up a rafter to hang a banner protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

As seen in a report by Fox News reporter Kelly Wright on "America's Newsroom," two people unveiled a massive banner during the first half of Sunday's game.

The banner contained the US Bank logo and the word "Divest," along with the hashtag #NoDAPL, which stands for Dakota Access Pipeline.

The game was never interrupted, and security guards evacuated the sections under the climbers.

Police identified the climbers as Karl Mayo and Sen Holiday, who were both arrested once they descended from the rafters. A third person, identified as Carolyn Feldman, was arrested on charges of obstructing the legal process.

A reporter for local CNN affiliate WCCO captured the following footage of the arrests:

It is unclear how the climbers passed through security with the banner and rappelling equipment.

The namesake of the stadium, U.S. Bank, is said to be a major investor in the controversial pipeline project. Protesters say the pipeline threatens tribal lands and the environment of North Dakota.

Watch the above report, and share your thoughts on these protesters' actions.

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