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National security expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka said Monday that political correctness regarding counter-terrorism policies has to stop in order to save Americans from future attacks.

Gorka was reacting to a speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that in the wake of the Christmas market attack, her country would remain "free, compassionate and open" while declaring that terrorists will not determine how Germans live.

He said such a statement was an example of "cognitive dissonance", adding that the German government cannot continue to have "unfettered immigration from warzones" and maintain a safe country.

Conversely, President-elect Donald Trump understands that to be the case, Gorka said.

He said the New York Police Department did the right thing following 9/11 in developing counter-terrorism initiatives, saying that profiling and executing undercover operations are necessary to keep Americans safe.

"Political correctness has to stop if we are going to save American lives," he said.

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