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With a new year comes new laws on the books.

Across the country, state legislatures had been hard at work in 2016 crafting new laws to take effect on January 1, 2017, Clayton Morris reported.

As of Sunday in Illinois, it is now legal to hunt for catfish with pitchforks or spears.

Spearfishing has always been legal in many place, but until now, it depended on the type of fish the fisherman was hunting, according to Kerry Picket of the Daily Caller.

Farther west in Oregon, the state legislature banned the use of 'sky lanterns'; decorative lighted boxes released into the air at celebrations.

Picket said fire marshals do not like the risk these items present, should they float away and land on something that could be damaged like a building or a copse of trees.

In Pennsylvania, beer customers are now able to purchase six-packs at local grocery stores, and are able to purchase beverages in any quantity from a beer distributor.

Until now, the Commonwealth's restrictions on the purchase of alcohol meant customers could only purchase one case at a time, and normally only from a distributor.

For wines and spirits, Pennsylvanians must still purchase their liquor from government-owned "state stores".

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