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Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain called out "privileged Eastern liberals" for furthering the rise and electoral success of President-elect Donald Trump, Reason magazine reported.

Bourdain, who grew up in New Jersey and included himself in that group, said the coastal left's spoken disdain for people in more conservative states is largely responsible for triggering the widespread support Trump enjoyed in those quarters.

He said that when liberals deny people in "red-state, gun-country and working-class" precincts "basic humanity and legitimacy of their views", it can fuel a populist, nationalistic wave like the one that helped deliver Trump the presidency.

"There are a hell of a lot of nice people out there [and] when we mock them at every turn and treat them with contempt we do no one any good," Bourdain said.

He singled out comedian and Trump critic Bill Maher as a "smirking, contemptuous [and] privileged guy who lives in a bubble."

Commentary from people like Maher, he said, solidifies the ideological opposition in the more Republican areas and does not allow for "breaking bread" with them and discussing differences.

In October, Bourdain was asked whether he would ever share a dinner with Trump, as he did with President Obama in Vietnam, to which the chef replied "absolutely [expletive] not."

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