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In a lengthy condemnation of Israeli settlement construction yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of hindering the peace process.

Kerry denounced violence by Palestinians toward Israelis, but discussions of terrorism were overshadowed by his criticism of Netanyahu's policies.  

The former liberal senator from Massachusetts mentioned "terrorism" seven times in a speech that lasted one hour and 13 minutes. Hamas was said four times, while Iran and Hezbollah were mentioned once each. 

Underscoring the tone of the speech, Kerry mentioned Israeli "occupation" 14 times and settlements 42 times.

Pete Hegseth noted that Kerry's speech was repetitive, calling it "offensive" for Kerry to "equate settlements to suicide bombers."

"I felt like I was watching the same speech over and over every 15 minutes. ... It's like, if I say it six times to you then it really must be true," he said. 

The speech was harshly criticized by Netanyahu, who said Kerry "paid lip service" to nearly a century of terrorism toward Israel. 

Ed Henry noted that Kerry's speech went on far longer than some of the memorable speeches in American political history. 

They discussed the address on "Fox & Friends" with counter-terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who said President Barack Obama is revealing his true feelings toward Israel  in his final days in the White House. 

Gorka said Kerry is "irrelevant" and was simply speaking for Obama and his inner circle. 

"Look at the last eight years. Look at the fact that the people who helped get President Obama elected, that team was sent to Israel to work against Bibi Netanyahu in the election. That's all you need to know," Gorka recalled, adding that Obama has a "personal animus" toward Netanyahu.

Watch Gorka's analysis above.

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