Actor Charlie Sheen took to Twitter last night to wish death upon the next President of the United States. 

The tweet, sent as social media mourned the death of actress Debbie Reynolds, has been liked more than 27,000 times and re-tweeted 15,500 times.

Reynolds, 84, passed away on Wednesday just one day after her daughter, "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher, died at age 60 following a heart attack.

Sheen responded by writing "Dear God" and then he wrote "Trump next please!" six times.

A commenter quickly wondered what the reaction would be if a celebrity tweeted the same thing about President Obama. 

Sheen later took to Twitter again to criticize the media for reporting on his tweet.

Many have taken to Twitter in recent days to decry 2016 as a terrible year due to the election results and rash of celebrity deaths, which included notable names like George Michael, David Bowie, Prince, Alan Thicke and Muhammad Ali.

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