Fox Business Network host David Asman said on "Outnumbered" that the United States has reached an "extraordinary" moment in its relationship with Israel. 

"For the first time in my life it's clear that the U.S. is coming out on the side of terrorists as opposed to democracies," he said, reacting to Secretary of State John Kerry's speech. 

Asman acknowledged that it was a "dramatic" statement to make, but argued that Kerry's 73-minute speech was a "verbal assault" on Israel and the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

He said the Palestinian Authority has increasingly aligned itself with Hamas in the last few years. Hamas is still listed by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization and gives money to the families of terrorists who kill Israelis. 

"Overall it was a condemnation of Israel as though they were the aggressors rather than the terrorist organizations who are the real aggressors. This is an extraordinary moment in U.S. history," said Asman. 

The speech came after the U.S. abstained from voting on a U.N. Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 

Watch his comments above and let us know your thoughts.

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