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A Tesla self-driving car predicted an accident would happen...before it even happened!

A dash cam video posted to Twitter by Hans Noordsij shows a group of cars traveling on the A2 Highway in the Netherlands. Noordsij was driving a Tesla Autopilot model.

Moments before two vehicles collided ahead, the Tesla model's emergency braking system activated, safely stopping the car before reaching the accident.

The Autopilot feature was able to predict the impending crash two car lengths ahead of Noordsij's vehicle. Before Noordsij himself hit the brakes manually, the emergency braking system had already taken over.

According to Noordsij, the drivers involved in the accident were not seriously injured.

Tesla has been scrutinized for releasing Autopilot models onto the road in still the beta stages. Back in late June, a Tesla Model S with the Autopilot feature activated was involved in a fatal crash.

Tesla said that the car's camera could not distinguish the white side of the big rig from the bright sky, so the brakes were not applied. Tesla maintains that its autopilot technology is "getting better all the time, but it is not perfect and still requires the driver to remain alert."

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