Authorities in Arkansas want access to an Amazon Echo device as they investigate a murder. 

James Bates, 32, faces a charge of first-degree murder in the Nov. 2015 death of his co-worker, Victor Collins. 

Police said Collins was found strangled in Bates' hot tub. Authorities believe the Amazon Echo device inside the home could hold valuable information. 

A warrant was issued to Amazon for access to the Echo's data, which is stored on an Amazon cloud system.

Amazon has refused to release the information in full "without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us," the company said in a statement. 

Amazon did turn over some account information to Bentonville investigators.

The Echo device, a popular holiday gift, records the user's voice in order for the person to interact with the "assistant," Alexa. 

The device turns on when the person says "Alexa," followed by a request, like streaming music or the weather forecast. 

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