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One Manhattan Uber driver apparently completed a feat many a New Yorker could only dream of when he nearly made it from one end of the island to the other without hitting a red light.

Noah Forman said a video posted to Vimeo proves he was able to travel from Harlem to the Lower East Side, through 240 lighted intersections, without being stopped at a red signal, KTTV reported.

In the video, Forman can be seen cruising down the city's wide avenues, through multiple junctions without getting stuck at a red, while other times he makes a few turns or slows down in order to avoid coming to a stop.

"It seems like you go where the lights take you," he told the New York Daily News regarding his occasional turns.

While it is hard to tell where in Harlem Forman began, a drive from the neighborhood's main drag, 125th Street, to the Houston Street construction area he appears to cross through just before finishing his trip clocks in at just under ten miles.

Forman said he made the trip in the wee hours of December 6, and that it is not his first time trying to set a green-light "record".

In 2014, Forman took a trip during which he passed through 186 consecutive green lights.

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