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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said President Obama was being "semi-delusional" when he claimed that the popularity of his agenda remains unchanged and that he could have won a third term this year.

Krauthammer called the damage the Democratic Party suffered over Obama's tenure "incalculable", citing the more than 1,000 state legislature seats the party lost during that time.

He pointed to the advanced age of the Democrats who might seek to challenge President-elect Donald Trump as evidence the party's bench has been "wiped out".

"He thinks he succeeded, the country doesn't," Krauthammer said.

Obama's legacy was rejected by voters who elected Trump, he said, citing the president's previous declarations that his platform was "on the ballot."

Obama has leased space in the World Wildlife Fund building near Washington's Foggy Bottom neighborhood, a sign he plans to stay in the District for some time after his presidency.

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