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Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz slammed the Obama administration for "set[ting] back the peace process enormously" between the Israelis and Palestinians by allegedly colluding to forward a resolution condemning West Bank settlements.

Dershowitz predicted there will be Congressional hearings on whether President Obama or advisor Ben Rhodes had a hand in the resolution's crafting, but said there was "obvious collusion" between the White House and the UN.

"This couldn't have happened without complete support and encouragement of the US," he said.

Rhodes, Obama and Vice President Biden will have to swear under oath before Congress and "acknowledge" what roles they allegedly played in the resolution's creation, he said.

Dershowitz added that the more than 70-minute speech by Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday should win the Academy Award for "Best Fictional Presentation", slamming the former Massachusetts senator's understanding of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

He alleged Obama is taking out his anger toward another country on successor President-elect Donald Trump by "tying his hands" through a UN resolution.

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