The women who appeared in a viral Reddit photo were guests Wednesday on "Fox & Friends" live from Appleton, Wis., to reveal the mystery of the missing legs.

While most theories centered on the woman third from the left, it turns out the legs of the first two women from the left blended together since both were wearing black pants.

"Fox & Friends" has been having some fun with the photo that went viral in the past few days. But none of the hosts were sure about the illusion. 

The person who posted it on Reddit simply asked if anyone could find the legs of the girl in the middle of the couch photo. 

"I commented saying, 'This is so weird, where are my legs?,' and then from there it just kind of escalated," said Anna Mantifel, the woman seated third from left. "I think I can speak for everyone when I say we never anticipated it to go this far."

Many theories were put forth, with some questioning whether it was simply an optical illusion created by the lighting and camera angle. 

"Once we kind of figured out Anna's legs were missing, it also kind of looked weird by me too, so it's kind of confusing on this side of the couch in general," said Kelly McCarthy, seated second from left.

One viewer tweeted that the wooden arms of the couch appeared to be different, speculating that the photo was altered.

Someone on Reddit said the girl on the left's legs were draped over the legs of the girl beside her. Turns out that was the case...

Did you figure this one out before the big reveal?

Tell us in the comments section and watch the interview above.

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