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Though he is still recovering from a life-threatening stroke he suffered three years ago, country singer Randy Travis mustered up the strength to spread some joy this holiday season.

Travis surprised a Gainesville, Texas, police officer with a new guitar after the officer lost most of his possessions in a house fire two weeks ago.

Officer Keith Bartlett, an avid guitar player, received a call of a suspicious vehicle on Christmas Day, and after finding no car, he returned to police headquarters.

Little did he know that the call was a setup. When he returned, his family and Travis' family had surprised him with the new guitar, signed by Travis.

Bartlett and Travis met a few years ago after Bartlett responded to a robbery on Travis' ranch.

"Surprised isn't even the word for it," Bartlett told NBCDFW. "These are amazing people."

Watch the NBCDFW report here, and tell us what you think of Travis' kind Christmas gesture.

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