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Mike Huckabee slammed the United Nations security council for passing a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

He called the New York-based body "as significant as a [state university] faculty meeting" and said it is time to "reevaluate" its legitimacy.

Huckabee said while condemning the Middle East's lone democracy, it has done nothing to stop human rights abuses in China and economic depravity in Venezuela.

The U.N. is "trying to force peace in a way that will never work," he said, adding that America, via the Obama administration, has betrayed Israel.

He said the United Nations has become an "international irrelevant bully."

Huckabee said President-elect Donald Trump should consider taking action against the U.N., with which he shares a hometown:

"We are not going to tie-up Manhattan traffic any longer for their ridiculous attitudes on peace and freedom."

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