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Tuesday's panel on "Outnumbered" debated whether Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should apologize for his country's 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor that propelled the U.S. into World War II.

Abe became the first sitting Japanese leader to visit the USS Arizona memorial. In the attack -- the 75th anniversary of which was commemorated Dec. 7 -- more than 2,300 American soldiers died and over 1,000 were wounded.

Abe is set to meet President Barack Obama at the Hawaii memorial, and he is not expected to offer a formal apology.

Back in May, Obama offered his sympathies to those affected by America's dropping of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan, but he did not specifically offer an apology.

"Asking for apologies surrounding war events...is difficult because it's never going to happen," said Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich. "Obviously the leaders of whatever country it is made those decisions at the time thinking that the best interests of their country were in mind."

Kennedy though said she believes Abe should apologize, given the nature of the attack and how it cannot be compared to the dropping of the atomic bombs.

"I think what they did was horrific. I think it was a dirty, filthy, sneak attack," she said.

Military veteran Pete Hegseth said he would like to hear Abe apologize but understands why Japan would refrain from doing so.

"I think we do go down a slippery slope when we apologize for every action taken in war, whether it was a sneak attack or not," he said.

Watch the segment above, and tell us whether you think Abe should apologize for Japan's actions.

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