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Former Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller said FBI Director James Comey "threw a hand grenade" into the presidential election when he sent a letter to Congress notifying them in late October he would be taking a closer look at Hillary Clinton's email investigation.

Miller said Comey's initial remarks in July when he decided against recommending charges for Clinton over her use of a private email server had "departed from FBI rules" and that his questionable actions extended to the time he sent that letter.

"[Comey] threw a hand grenade into the middle of the election," Miller said, adding that the race was essentially over and that Clinton would have won.

Miller however admitted Clinton's campaign was flawed but that Comey's actions had helped Trump's candidacy.

There's nothing he can say that can make up for his actions, Miller said when asked by Ed Henry what Comey might do after Trump's inauguration next month, adding that it would be advisable for the director to admit his mistakes.

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