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Tuesday on Special Report, Sen. Dr. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) discussed the future of ObamaCare with one of its chief architects, Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Jonathan Gruber

While Gruber said the Affordable Care Act is "working well", Cassidy said that previous elections prove voters are "sick of people in Washington telling them how to live their lives."

Cassidy, a physician, said that since the law was enacted, voters have by and large elected candidates that have been both critical of it or have promised to "repeal and replace" it.

He spoke of people he knew who are facing a several thousand dollar deductible and called such a situation proof that the law is flawed.

Gruber said he wished the mandate penalty for participation was stronger, so that healthy people pay into the system when they are well and are able to then utilize it when they are sick; the way the law was intended.

He called Cassidy's and the Republicans' plans to repeal and replace the law a "garbage salad of empty talking points."

"We have a law that is working; they want to take it away without an alternative," Gruber said.

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