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President-elect Donald Trump famously referred to Sen. Ted Cruz as "Lyin' Ted" on the campaign trail, but could Cruz be a contender to serve in one of the country's most honorable positions?

Cruz's name has been floated as a potential replacement for the late Antonin Scalia as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump is expected to name a nominee soon after his inauguration.

Cruz did not appear on Trump's official shortlist for the position, but the "Outnumbered" panel Monday debated whether he could in fact be a good fit.

"I think that Senator Ted Cruz could actually be a good choice from a political standpoint because Senator Cruz has already tipped his hat to the fact that he may be a nuisance of sorts to President-elect Donald Trump, so this is one way of someone who is strictly going to adhere the Constitution, have those conservative values and sort of get him out of the way politically," Lisa Boothe said.

The panel discussed whether the two men could recover from the mudslinging targeted at one another during the presidential debates.

"I think old wounds from campaigns can heal when you're talking about getting debatably the least popular senator out of the Senate," Meghan McCain said. "I don't think you'd have anybody putting up much of a fight. They probably want him out and on the Supreme Court."

Judges Diane Sykes and Bill Pryor are currently considered the front-runners for the vacancy, since Trump mentioned them by name during the debates.

Watch the clip above, and tell us whether or not you think Cruz would be a good fit for the Supreme Court opening.

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