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On "Your World" today, Karl Rove ripped President Obama for his claim that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh created a "fictional" portrayal of him.

"You understand that if people are angry that somehow the government is failing, then they are going to look to the guy who represents government," Obama told The Atlantic. "And that applies, by the way, even to some of the folks who are now Trump supporters. They're responding to a fictional character named Barack Obama who they see on Fox News or who they hear about through Rush Limbaugh."

Rove said that Obama's comments are revealing, not about Fox News or Limbaugh, but about the president's "jaw-droppingly condescending and arrogant" attitude toward the American people.

Rove explained that Obama is essentially saying that supporters of President-elect Donald Trump weren't influenced by facts, but by their own racism and bigotry.

"At the heart of it is an assault, a condescending and arrogant assault upon the good sense of the American people," Rove said.

He said this attitude has permeated the entire Democratic Party, which still refuses to acknowledge that they lost the election because they had a "lousy message" and a "lousy candidate."

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