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In his monologue on "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld slammed a YouTube star who claims he was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight for speaking Arabic.

Gutfeld noted that the media and celebrities immediately jumped to Adam Saleh's defense, despite there being multiple questions about his allegations of racism.

Gutfled called Saleh a "renowned hoaxer" who has a history of prank videos, which include titles like "Arabs on a Plane," "Speaking Arabic on a Plane" and "Counting Down in Arabic on a Plane."

He added that Saleh also faked a story about boarding a plane in a suitcase, and he staged a video to make it appear like an NYPD cop was harassing men in Muslim dress.

"And still, celebs and the media buy his shtick," Gutfeld said. "This ghoul says that even though he's cried wolf many times before, this time it's real - and he's consulting a lawyer."

Gutfeld suggested that Delta should also consult a lawyer.

"Sue this divisive, alienating a-hole," Gutfeld said. "We must declare war on hoaxers."

"Once again, without evidence, so many swallow an attention-seeking drama, happily smearing a company and the innocent people that it employs ... So who's worse: the hoaxer or his frothing enablers in the media?"

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