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An Illinois woman says her dog was attacked and killed inside a Petco store.

Blair Bourret told WILX that she and her boyfriend took her eight-year old white Maltipoo, Chloe, to Petco to get her picture taken with Santa Claus.

As they waited in line, Bourret said a yellow Labrador retriever, not on a leash, growled and lunged at Chloe. It is the store's policy for all dogs to be on a leash.

"All of sudden we had to untangle her," Bourret said.

Bourret said Chloe did not have any bite marks but her neck was snapped.

Witnesses, however, told police the Labrador retriever never made contact with Chloe and Bourret aggressively yanked the leash to pull her dog away. Police said the dog's neck may have snapped as a result of her leash being pulled too hard.

Watch the full WILX report here.

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