Amid the many negative headlines about police officers, it can be all too easy to forget about the sacrifices and risks taken by the brave men and women who keep us safe.

Luckily, many Americans do appreciate the police and they show it with their actions.

Here are some of our favorite such moments from the past year.

More and More Communities Are Painting Blue Lines on Streets to Support Police

Many cities joined in the "Blue Line" pro-police movement, painting blue center lines on prominent streets to honor police and other first responders.

Parents Name Police Officer Godfather After Saving Baby's Life

A Georgia police officer saved an two-month-old's life, and he was honored by the parents by being named the infant's godfather.

Powerful Photo Shows Little Boy Praying With Police Officers

A six-year-old was at his favorite restaurant when he saw the officers from the St. Petersburg Police Department having breakfast, and he asked to pray for their safety.

2 Adorable Boys in Missouri Sell Lemonade to Raise Money for Police

Two sweet little boys in Missouri worked hard to say thank you to first responders in their town.

Texas Police Officer Shocked By Anonymous Letter Left on Car

A Texas police officer was touched to receive a handwritten note on his squad car, thanking him for his service the community and praying for his safety.

LOOK: Crowds Line Up to Hug Dallas Police Officers

Crowds lined up in downtown Dallas to show their appreciation for the city's men and women in blue, after a deadly ambush on officers at an anti-police brutality protest march.