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A group of artists have come together demanding that Ivanka Trump remove their artwork from her New York City apartment.

According to Bloomberg, the artists, who formed the Halt Action Group, have initiated the "Dear Ivanka" Instagram campaign as a way to protest President-elect Donald Trump through his daughter.

Many of Ivanka Trump's Instagram photos show her posing in front of pieces of artwork in her apartment.

"Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you," Philadelphia artist Alex Da Corte wrote on Instagram.

On their website, the Halt Action Group states the following:

"Dear Ivanka,

Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia are not acceptable anywhere—least of all in the White House.

Steve Bannon has no place in the White House. Jeff Sessions has no place in the White House. Talk of a Muslim registry has no place in the White House.

Hate has no place in the White House.

We refuse to "wait and see". We look to you as the voice of reason.


Halt Action Group"

These actions come in the wake of other forms of protest against Trump's election, including fashion designers refusing to dress soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump and a number of celebrities choosing to boycott the presidential inauguration.

Tell us what you think about these artists' demands in the comments section.

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