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In a series of Twitter videos that have gone viral, a YouTube celebrity has accused Delta Airlines of kicking him off a flight because he was speaking Arabic.

Adam Saleh, whose YouTube channel Adam Saleh Vlogs has more than two million subscribers, said he was speaking to his mother on the phone in Arabic before takeoff Wednesday from London to New York.

He claims 20 people complained to flight attendants, prompting action from Delta.

"This is 2016. 2016. Look, Delta Airlines are kicking us out because we spoke a different language," Saleh said in one of the videos as he and an Arabic-speaking companion were being escorted off the plane.

However, passengers on the flight reportedly told a journalist that Saleh never made the phone call.

(WARNING: Videos contains strong language.)

Some passengers could be seen in the video waving goodbye to Saleh, while others were heard voicing their support for him and questioning Delta employees for their actions.

Delta said in a statement that it takes all allegations of racism seriously and is investigating the incident:

"Maintaining a safe, comfortable and orderly onboard environment is paramount for every flight and requires the cooperation of all of our customers in conjunction with adherence to directions from our crew members. This is a Delta policy and is required by U.S. regulations as well as others governing aviation worldwide.

Two customers were removed from Delta flight 1 departing London-Heathrow today after a disturbance in the cabin resulted in more than 20 customers expressing their discomfort.

We have spoken with the customers who were removed; they were rebooked on another flight. Plans are in place to immediately speak with our crew and other passengers when the flight lands this afternoon. We will provide an update once we have more information.

Saleh later tweeted that he got on a flight to New York with a different airline and that he and his companion were interviewed for 30 minutes before being able to board that plane.

As the videos have made the rounds on the internet, some have speculated that this was a publicity stunt by the YouTube prankster. 

There is no video of the "disturbance" that preceded Saleh's removal from the plane.

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