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A Texas couple is displaying the true definition of unconditional love.

As Jon Scott reported Wednesday on "Happening Now," Shannon and Robert Contreras of Houston have dedicated their lives to caring for their five-year-old son Robert Jr., more commonly known as "Bubby."

The couple tried for 16 years to have a baby and eventually decided to adopt a child. On the day Bubby's adoption was finalized, Shannon and Robert found out he had intractable epilepsy and cerebral palsy, causing him to experience multiple seizures a day.

Robert was forced to quit his job as an electrician to care for his son, who takes seven medications daily. Shannon has a job in health care and the family qualifies for Medicaid coverage.

However, in the two months a year where Shannon receives three paychecks, the family does not qualify for Medicaid coverage and pays for Bubby's care out of pocket.

The couple's friends started a GoFundMe page to set up a trust fund solely for Bubby's medical needs.

In just over two hours after the segment first aired, Fox News viewers helped to raise more than $166,000 for the cause.

Watch the full report above, and donate to the GoFundMe page here.

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