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An eminent Russian studies professor told Tucker Carlson that allegations of Russian interference in the election of President-elect Donald Trump have larger implications than just domestic political spats.

New York University Professor Stephen Cohen said rhetoric centered around the Kremlin should be softened until Trump critics produce evidence of such malfeasance.

He called the criticisms the most dangerous Russo-American diplomatic moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Though Russian President Vladimir Putin may not be completely friendly toward the United States, Cohen said a cordial relationship with the former KGB agent is essential for American national security.

"I'm not pro-Kremlin, but [I'm] pro-American-national-security," he said, urging Trump and other American leaders to seek detente with Moscow as Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan did.

"The new Cold War on the American side and [the] neo-McCarthyism is coming from the liberals and progressives," he said.

Cohen added that he couldn't remember another time when prominent media like the New York Times criticized a president-elect in a way that made the outlet appear as a "lackey to the Kremlin".

"Putin is potentially America's most essential national security partner," he said.

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