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The marketer of the popular board game Monopoly will set up a telephone hotline over the holidays to mediate disputes between families playing the game when they come together for Christmas, Elizabeth Prann reported.

One of Hasbro's marketing directors commissioned a survey of players and found that 51 percent of the oft hours-long property development games end in a feud.

"Our research found Monopoly games can regularly end in chaos with friends and family members stopping at nothing to win," Craig Wilkins told KYW.

The study showed some players tend to create tension by intentionally buying properties others wanted, among other types of incidents.

The hotline will run 24 hours a day from December 24 through the 26th, to quell any arguments that may cause a player to go to a 'real' jail.

Philadelphia salesman Charles Darrow successfully marketed the first Monopoly game to Parker Brothers in 1935, which featured the streets, utilities and railroads of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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