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Russian President Vladimir Putin promised revenge for the death of the country's ambassador to Turkey in a message broadcast on television.

Putin called Ambassador to Turkey Karlov Andrey Genadievich an "intelligent [and] gentle man."

He said Karlov's murder was a clear provocation aimed to derail the Russo-Turkish relationship and what he called the "peace process in Syria".

"There could only be one response; escalation of the war on terror," Putin said, "The bandits will feel this."

In the coming days, Putin said he will dispatch a committee to Ankara, Turkey to further investigate Karlov's assassination.

"We must know who guided the hand of the killer," he said.

Karlov was shot and killed Monday at a photography exhibition by a 22-year-old former Turkish law enforcement officer, who shouted "Allahu Akbar" and referenced the Syrian conflict.

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