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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer called Hillary Clinton's milestone of being the presidential candidate with the most faithless electors in over 140 years "poetic justice".

Two Republican electors and Five Democratic electors voted for candidates other than Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump in yesterday's tally.

The final electoral vote in the 2016 presidential election

Krauthammer called the debate over faithless electors "a joke from the beginning", saying that criticism of Trump was entertained throughout the year-long election cycle and primary elections.

"You don't stop them after the game," he said of the final 'score' between Trump and Clinton.

Clinton's total of five is the largest faithless elector tally since 1872, when General Ulysses Grant (R) defeated Liberal Republican candidate Horace Greeley, a New York newspaper publisher.

Greeley, who was endorsed by the Democratic Party in hopes of defeating Grant, died before the electors could cast their vote, causing 63 not to vote for him.

Krauthammer said, though he was not a Trump supporter, that the New York businessman won "fair and square".

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