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In the wake of the terror attack in Berlin, which left at least 12 people dead and nearly 50 injured, and the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Dr. Zudhi Jasser says we must be honest about the threat posed by "violent Islamism."

Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, suggested a new mantra in the fight against terror: "It's the global jihad, stupid."

"These are jihadis. Before they become militant jihadis, they're non-militant jihadis, who believe America's evil, who are against democracy, who believe in the Sharia state, who are misogynistic, they're anti-Christian and anti-Semitic online," Jasser said.

He explained that we fail to properly track those ideas on the internet, so these attacks seem to "come out of nowhere."

Jasser said it's up to Homeland Security and government intelligence officials to monitor terror suspects' public footprints.

For everyday Americans, however, he said it's our responsibility not to allow radical Islamists to unravel the fabric of our society.

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