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California is seeing a big surge in gun sales as the Golden State gets ready to enact sweeping gun control measures. 

Some Californians are rushing to get their hands on the AR-15, which is America's most popular rifle and a longtime target of gun control proponents. 

Gun sales, including handguns, are up 40 percent this year in California, while sales of semi-automatic rifles have doubled.

The new laws, set to take effect January 1, will ban so-called "assault-style rifles" with easily-detachable magazines.  

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William La Jeunesse reported the latest this morning, explaining that today is the last day to make a purchase, since the state has a 10-day waiting period on all purchases.

If the buyer fails to take possession of a soon-to-be-banned firearm by Dec. 31, they won't be allowed to take it home, La Jeunesse said. 

A buyer in San Rafael, California, said the only reason he made his purchase was because soon he won't have the option.

"Do I need the weapon I just purchased? No. Did I purchase it anyway? Yes. The bottom line [is] they took the choice away from responsible adults," he explained.

The new laws also require owners to register their semi-automatic rifles with the state. Magazines holding more than 10 rounds will also be illegal and anyone who has one already must turn it over to police.

However, many gun owners have declared they will not comply. 

Supporters of the gun control actions say this will "limit bloodshed" in local communities. Critics argue that the legislation limits the ability of law-abiding people to defend themselves against armed criminals. 

"We have true criminals out there who could care less about this stuff. And Joe Public that does care, [who is] legitimately scared, doesn't even know where to begin to be compliant," Gabriel Vaughn, the owner of Sportsman's Arms.

Watch the full report above.

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