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Retired Army Gen. Ray Odierno joined Bill Hemmer on "America's Newsroom" today to discuss several terror attacks around the world and how the U.S. should respond.

Odierno said that combating terrorism will require a comprehensive approach from the U.S. government, including a ready and robust military, a strategy for countering Islamist propaganda online, a focus on disrupting terror groups' funding, and a thorough vetting process for any refugees coming from hotbeds of radical Islam.

"I believe this is a time of proactive leadership to deal with this problem of radical Islamic extremism head-on," Odierno said. "And it's time for us to take action."

He argued that the Obama administration has been overly passive in the fight against terrorism, choosing all too often to lead from behind.

"It is now time for us to lead from the front. Be aggressive at bringing nations together. Be aggressive in our own policies and bringing the capabilities of our government together to take action," Odierno said.

He added that appears to be happening with the incoming Trump administration, with Gen. James Mattis as secretary of defense and Vincent Viola as secretary of the Army.

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