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At least 12 people are dead and nearly 50 are injured after a driver rammed a truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin.

German officials said Tuesday the suspect is armed and on the run, and they have "no doubt" that the attack was intentional.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, counterterrorism expert Jim Hanson said Germany is at higher risk of terror because of Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to accept waves of migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

"When someone declares war on you, you don't invite them to your country," Hanson said. "Chancellor Merkel has been importing jihadists in massive numbers, more that a million last year alone."

He said it's extremely dangerous to bring in people from hotbeds of Islamic extremism, especially when there is no way to properly vet those individuals.

Hanson said this is more evidence that we must be much stricter on who we allow into the U.S. from "jihadist-influenced areas."

He added that President-elect Donald Trump's proposal to temporarily pause immigration from such areas is a common-sense solution.

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